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Budapest Hungary

Budapest Hungary

I love my job for so many reasons. One of the bigger ones is my employer sending me around the world.This time I visited a place, I would never go to on my own, which would have been a colossal mistake. Budapest Hungary Budapest, or Hungary as a whole, gets a lot of bad press …

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Rammstein in Turin Fireworks

Rammstein in Turin Italy

The relationship between Rammstein and me is complicated. In the 90s, a girl handed me a mixtape (if you’re too young to understand, google it!), and it contained most of the band’s first album, previously unknown to me. While the music was a little basic and not exactly innovative, it was catchy and worked for me as …

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Sascha Giese in Las Vegas

Cisco Live 2022 Vegas

From Dubai, I went straight to Las Vegas for the Cisco Live 2022.Well, not straight; it was pretty torturing. I spent eight hours in a plane to London, two hours overlay in Heathrow, and another eleven hours towards Las Vegas.I arrived Friday evening and was so done with the world. As I expected the trip …

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Dubai Museum of the Future at night

Dubai June 2022

I went to Dubai from Riyadh to continue our “Middle East Tour.” I mentioned it before, but in Dubai, I always visit the same hotel, the Sheraton Grand, across the road from the convention center.This time there was a handwritten note by the hotel manager waiting for me in my room and a few goodies. …

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Sascha Giese on stage at Gisec

Gisec in Dubai 2022

Gisec in Dubai 2022, again! I was here four months ago.This was interesting: Last time, the building was merely a skeleton and half the size. They’re pretty efficient here! The entrance to the conference was interesting. Certain people might get nervous by all the flashy stuff! We joined two of our distributors, my good friends …

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