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Homemade Irish Breakfast

Discovering Berlin continued.

On the 2nd of November, Veronica arrived from Cork. For good, this time, not just for a holiday. Discovering Berlin continued This means we’re now discovering Berlin together and no longer just me alone. Also, she brought delicious black and white pudding from Ireland.  So for me, priority number one was; to create an “acceptable” …

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Berlin Brandenburg gate in the evening

Discovering Berlin

While building the apartment and knowing where I would be staying for the foreseeable future, I started discovering my hood and beyond. Here’s a collection of pictures taken between May and October. It was a scorching summer with peaks of 36 Celsius. Nice, after spending the last 13 years in Ireland with heights of 20! …

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Open wardrobes in a bedroom

A New Home in Berlin

Germany is full of bureaucracy.No news there, I know. Before you can rent a place, get a mobile phone contract, a bank account, anything really, you need to prove that you have a favorable credit rating. There’s only one organization in Germany dealing with this. Even though I left the country 16 years ago, I …

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