Cat Content!

Who doesn’t like cats?

Two cats following a butterfly

Cirkin has a buddy

Just before we went to Turin, we discovered another cat outside of our place: Cirkin turned into a killing machine and freaked out. From inside, of course. As we returned from our trip, we opened the terrace door as usual, and this happened: They were hunting each other for the first few days, but we …

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A sleeping cat

Why are cats so special?

I admit we didn’t pay much for our cat Cirkin.Meanwhile, we understand why he was so cheap. If he were a kid, we would probably say, “he has special needs.” But hey, what can you do? He’s part of the family. “Water? Seriously? Where’s my cat milk?!” “Maybe inside there.” “Maybe under the carpet!” When …

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Cat paying attention

We have a cat!

Finally, we have a cat! We tried getting one for a while, but it wasn’t easy. It’s a pandemic; many people want a pet because they feel alone during the lockdown. Mid-January, it finally happened, and we found “Cirkin.” Cirkin comes from a Turkish family, and the name means ugly; he was born in May 2019, …

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