Google Domains DDclient Dynamic DNS OPNsense

Earlier I wrote about setting up an OPNsense firewall. As I’m using Google Domains, I wanted to use their DDNS service and have OPNsense control it. Here’s how!

Google Domains DDclient Dynamic DNS OPNsense

In the Google Domains dashboard, switch to DNS settings:

Google Domains DNS Settings

Scroll all down and click Advanced Settings:

Google Domains DNS Advanced Settings

Manage Dynamic DNS:

Google Domains Dynamic DNS

Give your subdomain a name, and continue with the steps. In my example, I have chosen

Google Domains DDNS

This is displayed in the overview, too:

Google Domains DNS Record Settings

In OPNsense, go System / Firmware / Plugins and select os-ddclient (do not select os-dyndns). Use Google as a service, your subdomain as hostname, and the credentials taken from the Google Domains dashboard. Also, choose a service to monitor your IP address, like in the example below, and choose an interface to monitor:

OPNsense DDclient Google Domain Settings

And, surprise, that was it! Verify that the IP shown in Google Domains is the same as in
To be absolutely sure that it works, reconnect the internet to trigger a new IP and verify again.
Sorted! Short and sweet!

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