Cirkin has a buddy

Just before we went to Turin, we discovered another cat outside of our place:

Cirkin turned into a killing machine and freaked out. From inside, of course.

As we returned from our trip, we opened the terrace door as usual, and this happened:

They were hunting each other for the first few days, but we didn’t see any severe fighting, so we didn’t care.

The relationship between them improved every day.
We made a mistake in feeding the cat:

But a day or two later, they were both watching a butterfly:

Still, Cirkin has to show him occasionally who the boss is:

But overall, they get along with each other quite well:

And the nameless dude comes in for a nap:

He’s running away when we come too close.

But the idea is to catch him and take him to a vet. Hopefully, he has a chip so that he can be reunited with his owners.

Right now, he’s just a stray visiting us daily and steals Cirkin’s food! Cirkin has a buddy!

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