Rammstein in Turin Italy

The relationship between Rammstein and me is complicated.

In the 90s, a girl handed me a mixtape (if you’re too young to understand, google it!), and it contained most of the band’s first album, previously unknown to me.

While the music was a little basic and not exactly innovative, it was catchy and worked for me as a metal head.
But what stood out was the lyrics; that was something never heard before.

I was like, “WTH is that, and who’s the girl?”

Well, I enjoyed the first three albums of the band.
The girl and I became a couple, too, but that relationship didn’t last three albums, unfortunately.

I kept listening to each new album at some point, but they didn’t pick me up anymore.

Still, it was always on my bucket list to see them live.

In 2019 they started selling tickets for their stadium tour, and I wanted Fire zone access, which is right in front of the stage – almost VIP-like.

The obvious choice would have been Berlin, but the Fire zone sold out too quickly.
A few options were left, and Turin was the most appealing one. It’s a city I’ve never been to, with great food, and a good friend of Veronica has lived there for almost 20 years.

So, I bought two tickets, and the event was supposed to take place in July 2020, but a bit of a global pandemic happened, so the concert got postponed for a year, and then another.

But here we are, in July 2022, and we finally managed. 
And it was nice to be in Italy again! Check in to Rammstein in Turin Italy!

The event took place in the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino, the home of Torino FC, not Juventus. Someone told me it wouldn’t be a good idea to mention “Juve” in this stadium. But hey, we’re here for music, not football.

It was a blast in many ways!

Feuer frei:

Our friend, who lives two kilometers from the stadium, saw this thing, too:

Party on:

The combination of the lights, the pyro, and physical things like this was next-level insanity:

It doesn’t matter if you’re into Rammstein’s music, as seeing them on stage is quite an adventure, and I’m not sure if I will ever see another act who’s able to top the experience.
I guess it was one of those “once in a lifetime” things, and I’m glad I somehow managed two decades later!

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