July 2022

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Orangematter – SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability

I’ve written a new article: Orangematter – SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability.https://orangematter.solarwinds.com/2022/07/18/observability-again-oh-yes/ I’m a bit late to the game in writing about observability, but I come with a great excuse: since March, I’ve travelled the world (well, at least four out of the seven continents) to discuss this observability thing with our Partners. Later, as we …

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Rammstein in Turin Fireworks

Rammstein in Turin Italy

The relationship between Rammstein and me is complicated. In the 90s, a girl handed me a mixtape (if you’re too young to understand, google it!), and it contained most of the band’s first album, previously unknown to me. While the music was a little basic and not exactly innovative, it was catchy and worked for me as …

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Sascha Giese in the ITP.net studio

I’ve been published – Observability ITP.net

Three months after a remote recording I visited ITP in their studio. Sascha Giese, International Head Geek, SolarWinds, discusses how observability tools can reduce operational noise, giving IT Ops, DevOps and security teams with the capabilities to proactively detect anomalies https://www.itp.net/videos/solarwinds-on-how-observability-tools-can-enable-enterprises-to-step-up-their-cyber-defences More published posts:

Collection of entrance badges

Hallo, Welt! Ein Reisebericht.

English version: Click! Mein zweiter Reisebericht. Hier der erste aus dem letzten Jahr. In den letzten Monaten – quasi seit März – habe ich 4 Kontinente und zahlreiche Länder besucht. Dabei sprach ich mit tausenden Kunden, Geschäftspartnern, neuen Mitarbeitern und Personen mit generellem Interesse wie es uns geht uns was wir so treiben. Der offensichtliche …

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AI and ML BusyContent

I’ve been published – AI and ML BusyContent

Almost two weeks since my last publication. A completely different topic now: AI and ML BusyContent. https://busycontinent.com/will-ai-and-ml-break-loose-in-2022/ What does the future hold for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)? Is 2022 going to be the year where machines will prevail? While AI used to be something software vendors could brand their solutions as (even …

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