Dubai June 2022

I went to Dubai from Riyadh to continue our “Middle East Tour.”

I mentioned it before, but in Dubai, I always visit the same hotel, the Sheraton Grand, across the road from the convention center.
This time there was a handwritten note by the hotel manager waiting for me in my room and a few goodies. Such a nice gesture!

Dubai June 2022

And why change the hotel when it comes with a pretty roof top bar:

Dubai June 2022

And they serve beautiful cocktails:

But this time, I didn’t go to the expo. Instead, we booked a room in the Burj Al Arab. That’s the famous hotel that looks like a giant sail.

And what a special place it is!

When you enter it, you see gold everywhere.

The view was great, too. It’s not as high as in the Burj Khalifa, but who cares?

The picture isn’t the best, but what you see there is “The Palms,” an entirely artificial island with its own microcosm and looks like a palm from space.

The hosts were great and spoiled us from the start.
Here you see individually scrambled eggs on spoons with truffles on top:

And when you think it’s impossible to top that level of decadence, look at the mousse au Chocolat with an actual gold leaf:

So, yeah, I ate gold.
Another thing that just happened, even though it wasn’t on my bucket list.
But you can’t say no. 🙂

I was here in March but didn’t realize the latest attraction, the Museum of the Future.
It looks great by day:

And even more impressive at night:

On Friday, I had to leave for my next destination, Las Vegas.

I guess I’ll see Dubai again in October.

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