June 2022

Green IT Netzpalaver

I’ve been published – Green IT Netzpalaver

Nur vier Tage nach China: Es ist immer schön, wenn etwas von mir in Deutschland veröffentlicht wird, wie schon hier. Dieses Mal: Green IT Netzpalaver. https://netzpalaver.de/2022/06/28/digitale-nachhaltigkeit-beginnt-im-rechenzentrum/ Der ökologische Fußabdruck ist in den Fokus der Wirtschaft gerückt. Politik und Gesellschaft fordern von Unternehmen verstärkt, nachhaltiger zu wirtschaften und sich an vorgegebene Richtlinien zu halten. Dazu zählen …

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Virtnbdbackup process results

KVM Backups

Since I switched from VMware to Debian, I have struggled to find a proper solution for my KVM backups. I tried hard! A top-rated solution doesn’t like recent Linux kernels. Another one doesn’t support Debian 11. Another one put me into permission hell, and another didn’t even work as the first install requires a server …

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Cloud China Logo

I’ve been published – Cloud China

Cloud China https://cloud.zol.com.cn/795/7951396.html I held a media roundtable with journalists from China and an interpreter. Cloud China was one of the publications that made an article out of it.It’s my second publication in China! More published posts:

Sascha Giese in Las Vegas

Cisco Live 2022 Vegas

From Dubai, I went straight to Las Vegas for the Cisco Live 2022.Well, not straight; it was pretty torturing. I spent eight hours in a plane to London, two hours overlay in Heathrow, and another eleven hours towards Las Vegas.I arrived Friday evening and was so done with the world. As I expected the trip …

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Sascha Giese in com professional

I’ve been published – IT Complexity, com! Professional

Just a month after my last German publication. But this one here is special. IT Complexity: https://www.com-magazin.de/news/business-it/komplexitaet-echtes-drama-2775000.html I’ve been interviewed and ended up on the title page of a print mag. Yes, you could buy me at the newspaper stand! More published posts:

Dubai Museum of the Future at night

Dubai June 2022

I went to Dubai from Riyadh to continue our “Middle East Tour.” I mentioned it before, but in Dubai, I always visit the same hotel, the Sheraton Grand, across the road from the convention center.This time there was a handwritten note by the hotel manager waiting for me in my room and a few goodies. …

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Riyadh Turkish restaurant

Riyadh Kingdom Saudi Arabia

My next destination after Johannesburg was Riyadh Kingdom Saudi Arabia. I wasn’t here before so I was looking forward to it, even though I wasn’t sure what to expect. The airport definitely exceeded my expectations: Also, my hotel looked nice. It was a bit dated and could use a little makeup here and there, but …

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