SolarWinds User Group London

Ah, yes, London- wait, wasn’t I here just a month ago?
Well, yes, but now it’s a different corner. We’re so central; it’s not a corner at all!

SolarWinds invited customers and friends to a user group meeting or just called SWUG.

That’s a four-letter acronym which is unusual for us, as we try to keep it short and stick to three! Anyway here is SolarWinds User Group London

Anyway, I arrived the day before and decided for a little walk to explore one of the parks where I hadn’t been before.

In the evening I met the gang, colleagues from all over the world came to London for our event.

Now, London has fabulous restaurants! Just this one isn’t one of them:

But it’s OK; there will be other opportunities.

SolarWinds User Group London

On the following morning, I briefly met our CEO and his buddy. Sorry for the lousy pic; it was a little dark:

Later in the afternoon, my good friend Holger Mundt was on stage, telling stories from his wealth of field experience.

In another session, someone came up with this slide, which I would like to share with you:

I forgot my selfie stick. Actually, I don’t have one, but that’s a different story.
But that’s why I don’t have any pictures of my sessions!

Anyway, here is good food. We went to a fantastic Indian place just south of Hyde Park.

After dinner, a few of us joined our MVPs, who lodged in the HardRock Hotel.
An interesting place!

Let me share my highlight with you.

One of our business partners, Edwin from the Netherlands, brought a small present. 
It’s a 3D printed SolarWinds logo and found its place next to my desk meanwhile.

See you around.

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