Gisec in Dubai 2022

Gisec in Dubai 2022, again!

I was here four months ago.
This was interesting: Last time, the building was merely a skeleton and half the size. They’re pretty efficient here!

skyscraper construction site in Dubai

The entrance to the conference was interesting. Certain people might get nervous by all the flashy stuff!

We joined two of our distributors, my good friends over at Spire and a new distributor, CyberKnight, with a focus on security.

I was surprised to find a “German corner” showcasing vendors from Germany.

And, what’s more popular from a global point of view than the Bavarian region? So, here are some folks in traditional Bavarian clothing:

Over at the CyberKnight booth, a guy occasionally walked around in a robot suit. I assume it was pretty hot inside and hope they paid him well!

For the first time, I spoke on the main stage in front of hundreds of attendees.
I was nervous when I entered this huge stage, but once I looked at the masses in front of me, I felt empowered.
“I own this, and it will be fun.”

It worked out well, as many attendees and even press members visited us at our booth to continue the discussion I sparked on stage.

See you soon again, Dubai!

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