London SQLBits 2022

2022 begins!

In March, we visited London SQLBits 2022, one of the major conferences for data professionals.
My colleague Kevin and I had speaking slots on stage, and SolarWinds booked a nice-looking booth.

But, before I was able to travel, something silly happened.

I managed to burn both hands with boiling wax (don’t ask) just a few minutes before the taxis arrived.

My girlfriend put my hands in ice, and upon arrival at the airport, I went straight to the emergency room.
The doc cleaned and taped my hands and gave me a prescription for a nice opioid against the pain.
Let me tell you; I was already flying before entering the aircraft!

But still, I’ve never experienced such pain in my life. 
Before taking the painkillers, it didn’t stop, as obviously, the wax burned itself deep into my skin and didn’t just “go away.”

The event occurred in the ExCel convention center in London, a convenient location where I could fly from Berlin directly to LCY.

While being friendly and all, my hotel didn’t exactly convince with its view. But that’s because the dockland area isn’t the most excellent part of London.

The conference was, well, let’s say “uneventful,” but we had lovely bean bags and made good use of them:

Here I am with my Pacman suit and taped hands. The Mummy!

The hosts took good care of us; much welcome!

While waiting for my luggage, I noticed something interesting back in Berlin.
Don’t you all hate it when waiting for your suitcase at the belt, everyone gets right in front of that thing. You have to go as close as possible, too. Otherwise, you can’t see the luggage passing by. The problem is; that space is limited.

Here a line like a border asks folks to stay behind, and it works!

luggage belt at Berlin airport

See you around! Probably in Dubai!

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