March 2022

World Backup Day IT Daily

I’ve been published – World Backup Day IT Daily

This is already the fourth time that my content for World Backup Day gets published! The other three are here, here, and here. Now: World Backup Day IT Daily. Die Zahl der Ransomware-Angriffe steigt weiter enorm an und hinterlässt einer Bitkom-Studie zufolge Schäden in Milliardenhöhe. In den Jahren 2020 und 2021 waren neun von zehn Unternehmen …

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World Backup Day CIO World

I’ve been published – World Backup Day CIO World Backup Day CIO World If you haven’t considered it before, on World Backup Day it’s time to think about how you’re backing up your data and keeping your information safe from digital thieves… More published posts:

Tahawultech Logo

I’ve been Published – World Backup Day TahawulTech

Another article for World Backup Day! World Backup Day TahawulTech In 2021, the number of ransomware attacks doubled compared to 2019. Data is the latest industry driver and is becoming a recurring target of ransomware attacks. Protecting mission-critical data is a top priority. But what if the digital firewall fails or you get hit by …

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Risk Mitigation

I’ve been published – Risk Mitigation

Published on the same day as my metaverse article: Risk Mitigation. Collaboration between IT professionals and senior leaders could drive the future of risk mitigation, says Sascha Giese, Head Geek, at the IT management software company SolarWinds… More published posts:

Metaverse the Future of Reality

I’ve been published – Is the Metaverse the future of Reality?

Metaverse the Future of Reality? Read on! Thanks to science fiction movies and literature, many people are already familiar with the idea of virtual worlds. One only needs to think of various popular films and books to imagine how people might navigate a different reality via an avatar. Increasingly, however, companies want to turn …

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Sascha Giese on stage at Gisec

Gisec in Dubai 2022

Gisec in Dubai 2022, again! I was here four months ago.This was interesting: Last time, the building was merely a skeleton and half the size. They’re pretty efficient here! The entrance to the conference was interesting. Certain people might get nervous by all the flashy stuff! We joined two of our distributors, my good friends …

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Sascha Giese at London SQLBits 2022

London SQLBits 2022

2022 begins! In March, we visited London SQLBits 2022, one of the major conferences for data professionals.My colleague Kevin and I had speaking slots on stage, and SolarWinds booked a nice-looking booth. But, before I was able to travel, something silly happened. I managed to burn both hands with boiling wax (don’t ask) just a …

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Linux Cockpit Login

Build your own NAS

During the past two years, my homelab underwent many changes.At some point, I had a crazy setup with four ESXi and three TrueNAS-based storage servers.The electricity bill was a shocker. My next step was to swap the TrueNAS boxes with three Qnap arrays.Those guys make a lot of noise, so I returned them. In early …

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