IT-SA 2021 in Nuremberg

We visited the IT-SA conference in previous editions, namely 2018 and 2019, as 2020 didn’t exist.
In 2021, they tried it again, and it was a bit of an experiment for the organizers. So, here we go: IT-SA 2021 in Nuremberg.

Was the time ready for a new face-to-face event, or is the pandemic still strong? It’s my first trip since I went to Berlin in February 2020!

We were curious, too!

Anyway, I went to the usual hotel, just across the road from the central station and public transport gets you to the exhibition halls within a few minutes.

Le Meridien Hotel in Nuremberg

A bit of sightseeing first!

It feels like I’m still discovering some new details. That’s the advantage of historical city centers like Nuremberg.

And the food never disappoints.
It’s not a Dubai-like variety, but there’s nothing wrong with traditional Bavarian / Franconian dishes:

The conference, on the other hand, didn’t work out as expected.

Sure, I took this pic in the early morning before it was open to the public:

But let me tell you, we weren’t busy at all.
It was too early, and the concerns regarding the virus were still in everyone’s heads. Some vendors booked (and most likely paid) for booths but made a last-minute decision not to show up, and I’m not blaming them:

Our booth was a joint operation with one of our distributors, and one of their guys was extremely smart and forward-thinking, bringing this cooling bag to the venue:

The following day I returned the favor and bought these at the central station:

So, overall the event was disappointing. And I had a little stress on Thursday. I had to get a PCR test because on the following day; I was supposed to fly to Dubai.
The test center was on the opposite side of Nuremberg, and it took me ages to go there and back.

But okay, it’s not that I was missing much at the trade show!

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