A cat explores the world.

I introduced Cirkin already and commented that he only knows the world through the window.

We wanted to change it.
Well, it was just me as Veronica didn’t like the idea, so we devised a compromise, got a collar and a leash for him, and took him on the terrace with us for the first time in April. A cat explores the world!

Scared cat looking through an open window

Suddenly he wasn’t that confident anymore, as the world looks a little bit different when outside.
He left the apartment for a minute before it became too spooky, and he ran inside again.

We repeated it almost daily, and as his curiosity was more potent than the fear, he even left the terrace.

But he didn’t like the collar at all.

At some point in May, we decided to let him outside whenever he wanted. The first weeks were so funny; he was frequently shocked by everything, and I saw him running back to the terrace from my office.

In June, I opened the door in my office, too, and he discovered that it led into the same place:

From that moment, he made fun of the situation and left through the kitchen to return to my office. Or the other way around.
And he started complaining when one of the doors was closed. How could we!

At least he tries to help:

Well, there was an attempt.

But nothing beats sleeping:

Even outside:

It doesn’t matter where or how; sleep is sleep, and it’s his favorite thing to do:

But still – we have to find a job for him so he can contribute to the rent and utility bills. 
If we could only find a way to monetize his talents!

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