We have a cat!

Finally, we have a cat!

We tried getting one for a while, but it wasn’t easy. It’s a pandemic; many people want a pet because they feel alone during the lockdown.

Mid-January, it finally happened, and we found “Cirkin.”

Cirkin comes from a Turkish family, and the name means ugly; he was born in May 2019, so he is just under two years old.

We have a cat!

His life wasn’t that great so far.
It’s not that he has been abused, more like neglected.
He was too skinny, agitated, and had zero confidence but turned aggressive when we tried to touch him.
Previously he lived in a family with many kids, and I guess they made his life hell even though unintended.
And when everyone left, they locked him into the conservatory on the balcony.
He didn’t do anything other than stare out the window all day.

Alright, he did it here in the beginning, too:

cat looking out the window

As we planned to get a cat for a while, we already bought a lot of stuff – scratch posts, trees, toys, litterboxes, etc.

But we took the tree from the previous owners with us, too, so he had something he was familiar with:

He was okay with being touched a week later, but he kept sleeping on my office couch.

Veronica and I visited him during the night for some extra cuddles, and he instantly started the purring engine.

He became increasingly trusting since we played with him every day.
Also, we got him another tree, and he preferred the new one within just a day.
I guess that’s his way to close a chapter in his life!

After three weeks, he was significantly more relaxed, and you could start mischief with him; he was pleased that humans showed interest in him.

Okay, maybe here he would have preferred more privacy:

A cat on the floor

While trying a million different toys, we noticed that his favorite are bouncy balls.
And suddenly, he took it and brought it back to use so we could throw it again. Like a dog!

I guess he grew up with puppies while he was a kitten, as he shows some dog-like behavior and responds to the typical dog play-pose. Yes, I tried it. 🙂

He’s our baby now, and we’ll try everything for him to have his best life.

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