Discovering Berlin

While building the apartment and knowing where I would be staying for the foreseeable future, I started discovering my hood and beyond.

Here’s a collection of pictures taken between May and October. It was a scorching summer with peaks of 36 Celsius. Nice, after spending the last 13 years in Ireland with heights of 20!

Discovering Berlin

Discovering Berlin

Below is a side arm of the river Spree. A few decades back, it was part of the border with East Berlin on the left and West Berlin on the right-hand side. My home is a bit to the right, behind the construction site, and just behind the white building. In the distance at the left are some remaining bits of the wall.
As you can imagine, in the 80s, this was heavily guarded and called the “death strip,” and if you pay attention and discover a small grey object just left next to the white building; that was one of the guard towers where they used to shoot people who attempted to flee. We live in better times now.

This was fun. The following few places a tourist hot spots, but not so much during a pandemic. 
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

In late June, I got myself a Vespa. Of course, she needed a name, and what could fit possibly better to a white one:

The next is probably one of the best pictures I ever managed to take:

Angela Merkel’s office:


In September someone visited me!

We went to the KaDeWe, the most exclusive department store in Berlin. Think of Harrod’s in London or Lafayette in Paris.
Unfortunately, it’s closed on Sundays, but maybe that’s for the better.

While Veronica was visiting, we went all the way up the cathedral. A lot of steps!

Of course, there are a few remaining parts of the Wall around.
Where I live was former Western Berlin, but just behind the river, 20 Meters from here, Eastern Berlin started. 

Ah yes, I did mention the possible consequences of parking violations, didn’t I?

Summer 2020 was one of the best summers of my life.

The weather was gorgeous, I was in a completely new environment with loads to discover, and it changed a lot for me. Discovering Berlin was quite an adventure!

And I didn’t even stop here!

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