Moving from Cork to Berlin

Oh boy, where to start?

Well, it’s easy: The pandemic started.

But at the beginning of March, the HR Manager from our Berlin office called and asked if I could make it to Berlin on the 1st of April. 
While we planned the move to Berlin long ago, this was surprising, even more so considering the global situation.

But okay, let’s do this!

The plan was that I move first as I obviously would have a job over there, and Veronica would stay in the apartment in Cork for two more months and go into a shared flat for a while until I find a place and have everything sorted.

So, we packed everything we wanted to take with us in boxes and hired an international moving company.

At the same time, the virus situation got worse and worse.
We have already changed to working from home, so I came to the office one last time for pictures.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t say bye to all my friends and colleagues. What a situation!

The local shopping center I went to a few times a week turned into a scene from a zombie movie:

As we knew we wouldn’t see each other for a while, Veronica and I enjoyed a nice dinner at home with proper Risotto on the last evening:


And here it is, my last picture from Cork, taken from the train to Dublin. I was the only guest.

Dublin airport was equally spooky:

Moving from Cork to Berlin

And on April 1st, I managed to arrive in Berlin.
I reserved a temporary apartment for three months to give myself time to find a suitable place.

While at the same time, I worked from home like everyone else:

In the neighborhood of my temp home, they take parking violations serious:

Anyway, I am busy sorting out legal issues and started house hunting in these uncertain times. Oh, the joy!

But at least I’m busy, so right now I don’t miss the scenic views in Ireland. But I would love a Full Irish Breakfast, to be honest.

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