Berlin February 2020

In 2017, Veronica joined me on a business trip to Berlin, and she fell in love with the city.

I also thought that it looks interesting, as it’s a Metropole, an international melting pot, and one of those cities that never sleeps, with never-ending culture.

So, we talked about relocating a few times.
In 2018, SolarWinds acquired a company that automatically gave us a new location.

Still, it took a long time to sort out all formalities and fight some red tape, but this Spring, the time will be correct.
So, just a few days after I returned from Barcelona, my next trip to Berlin took place. Wow, it’s early February and it’s my third trip already since I’ve been to Austin earlier.

We celebrated our annual EMEA Channel Partner Summit and rented a hotel for us alone. Well, almost at least.

Berlin February 2020

Berlin February 2020

The hotel had a music theme going on, and in each elevator was a different playlist:

Oh look, my friend David:

David Bowie

We streamed a few sessions of the event live for attendees who couldn’t join.

I was on stage, too:

Sascha Giese

Later that day, I managed to change my shirt and went to a Bavarian restaurant with all attendees.

And the next day I went to the office to mark my place! 
I conquered a desk and made sure everyone knows whose it is now!

See you soon again, Berlin!

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