Cisco Live EMEA 2020 Barcelona

I don’t know, but somehow, the place looks familiar.
This time, it’s the Cisco Live EMEA 2020 Barcelona. Yes, Barcelona again.

I’m honest with you. Yes, it’s a great city, but I’m here twice a year, and it does get a little boring.

Hence I’m spending less and less time outside, doing touristy stuff.

Cisco Live EMEA 2020 Barcelona

Fortunately, my room came with a small pool attached:

a swimming pool at night

But it was already late, and I was still starving, so I dropped into a place close by for a creative burger. In the back, you might notice that I already ate all of the fantastic Patatas Bravas. I can’t help; so delicious!

The following morning, the pool looked less spectacular. It’s not a complaint. A pool for myself! I know where I stretch my legs this evening!

We’re still working on getting the booth ready at the exhibition hall, but some attendees have managed to sneak in already.
What can you do; we’re famous!
Okay, they just wanted to grab our popular t-shirts before they’re all gone. Fair play.

Cisco Live EMEA 2020 Barcelona

I’m not sure what I’m looking at here, either a scaled-up access point or a turbo laser battery from the Death Star:
In case it’s the latter, I suppose Cisco supports the rebel scum!

The scene in the following picture here was peaceful and calming. But I’m still struggling to understand what Cisco wanted to show.

And no, Shure doesn’t do rainfall showers. I’m not even sure that it’s waterproof!

Oh, the Berlin TV tower, what does it mean? The following Cisco Live may be in Berlin again next year?
That would be very convenient, as I’m going to relocate over there a bit!

Great event as usual. See you next time! Hopefully elsewhere. 🙂

Update: As it turned out, the exhibition travels to Amsterdam for the next time.

That’s acceptable! Even though the hotels are pretty expensive compared to Barcelona, which could hurt attendance. We will see!

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