Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

A few days after returning from Barcelona, we invited a few customers to an event in Stuttgart.I’ve been to Stuttgart and considered it a very dull place.
What could you possibly do there besides getting drunk with some of the oldest beers in the world and eating Spätzle?
Well, I haven’t been to the Mercedes Benz Museum. So, I was looking forward to it.

My hotel was next door to the stadium of their local football team. I’m glad it wasn’t a match day!

Mercedes Benz Arena in Stuttgart

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

It was just a short walk to the museum, but I struggled to find the entrance as the area was vast.
Eventually, I managed. I don’t know why I missed it while passing by:

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

This was just a “slightly” modified Model G:

Once inside, you get the whole experience. Mercedes invented the car some 150 years ago, and they show everything from the very beginning:

The original famous “Silberpfeil”

Silberpfeil Mercedes

When I was younger, I always wanted to drive a Mercedes, probably because my parents drove some of them.
Meanwhile, I’m more into Italian cars, but there’s no doubt that we’re looking at a few supreme classic vehicles:

This one here was the secret star in a movie back in the 90s, I think:

And the pope used this one:


It has been a few enjoyable hours as we booked a guided tour, and our guide always had some interesting stories to tell.

It’s unlikely I will be back, but it was a pleasant experience.

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