VMworld EMEA 2019 in Barcelona

A month after winning in Augsburg, my next trip started.
Business as usual: VMWorld in Barcelona.
Rinse and repeat from last year? Almost!

I arrived late and was too tired to go anywhere for dinner, so I went to the hotel restaurant.
It’s usually the worst possible option, but this time I was lucky.

I found my beloved Patatas Bravas and managed my “a burger in each city” mission in one go:

A Cheeseburger with fries

VMworld EMEA 2019 in Barcelona

On the following day, I did the usual pre-event booth check, and, as expected, it wasn’t ready:

VMworld EMEA 2019 in Barcelona

So, what to do?
A walk through the city, of course!

Followed by cocktails and a gorgeous sunset:

Sunset in Barcelona

Our booth was ready when the exhibition started:

Sascha Giese

Before the attendees arrived, my colleague Leon and I walked through the halls. 
And sometimes, you want to do precisely what you aren’t supposed to do:

And here’s me doing what I do best, and Leon is most likely judging me right now:

Yeah, then this happened.
I have no idea who was the main act at the party on the last day, and I have no memory of the evening.

One of those days…

Our event organizer, a lovely lady from our office in  Scotland, later said, “For the first time in my life, I’ve seen a German dude dancing.”

I guess I had fun.
If I only knew who was on stage!

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