Augsburg Germany Award Ceremony

A famous publication house in Germany, Vogel, invites their readers to vote for the best products in IT in various categories.

We were nominated as one of the best products in network monitoring, and the company sent me to the award ceremony.

It took place in Augsburg, and I wasn’t there before. Even though I was quite close a few weeks ago!
Like most cities in Bavaria, it’s old – in the positive sense – with loads of things to discover and still mostly authentic as undamaged in the war.

So, here are some impressions:

The Weberhaus in Augsburg:

Weberhaus in Augsburg

But now for the event!

Augsburg Germany Award Ceremony

I’m about five times in this picture:

And at some point, it was my turn to enter the stage.

Gold for SolarWinds! I like winning!

And yes, I did this thing and took the award to bed with me:

Let’s do this again!

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