Nuremberg IT-SA 2019

It’s IT-SA time again, for the second year in a row now since 2018!

The first thing I noticed as I took the train from the airport to the city center was this one:

Exit sign in train station

The sticker says “let people exit before you enter,” which is extremely smart, as it’s attached to the inside of the train!

Here’s another “a burger in each city” example:

A Cheeseburger

And on the following morning, the show started!

Nuremberg IT-SA 2019

But, there was a bit of a situation!
We rented laptops from the organizer, which were supposed to be delivered and attached the evening before. Didn’t happen:

And while they delivered the laptops five minutes before the halls opened, they forgot to charge the robot overnight:

Robot without energy

But we managed to distract the masses with our evergreen; SolarWinds socks:

No more food pics this time as I ate the same every year.

See you again in 2020, Nuremberg!

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