Berlin Germany and the video game museum

Two months after visiting Austin, I’m in Berlin again. 
And again for an event in the Adlon Hotel. It’s so posh that they even have licensed soap in their washrooms:

Salvatore Ferragamo soap

Anyway, I arrived the day before and had a local beer:

And my second favorite German dish.
It’s called Rinder-Rouladen.
Basically, it’s beef in thin slices, stuffed with mustard, bacon, onions, and gherkins, fried for a few minutes, and finally boiled for 90 minutes. Usually served with potatoes, dumplings, and red cabbage, as here:

The event was boring, besides this one here:

I had to run late in the afternoon, as there was another event at our office. I was supposed to speak in front of a few channel partners.

The first thing I noticed was this here. Ah yes, the famous work/life balance in Germany!

We went to the Berlin Video Game Museum with the whole group in the evening.

The Video Game Museum

I enjoyed this game a lot back in the day and can’t believe it was release in 1997:

A little later, I took two of my American colleagues to a traditional restaurant, and I would like to share this picture with you.
It’s a cake with many names, and while the preparation is a little different depending on where in Germany you are, the basics are the same:
Cookies, a lot of chocolate, coconut fat, and rum.
It’s not healthy and almost “death by chocolate,” but we’re not cats with nine lives, are we?

And even later, we walked around the government quarter.

Reichstag in Berlin at night

The Bundestag, the seat of the German government, turns into an open-air museum at night, showing video clips of historical moments. That’s an excellent and unexpected idea.

The more often I get here, the more interesting the city seems. But for my next trip, I’ll see Munich.

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