Austin Texas Summer!

My second trip to Austin this year was for a few recordings and to meet with the team, and just one month after visiting San Diego.

Austin Texas Summer

This time I flew from London to Dallas and had a bit of an overlay and another short hop to Austin. 
I found another Saltlick place in Dallas, which reminded me that I wanted to visit their main branch.

Barbecue dish

In Austin, I drank the local beer. I’m not sure if this could even be called beer in Germany:

But also, I had excellent cocktails at Lake Travis. The scenery is even nicer with some alcohol. Well, no surprise there.

At the office, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to enter the studio or not:

I did, and weird things happened.  You could probably find more of this foto and video shoot on the internet, but better don’t look for it:

And then the highlight; I managed to visit Salt Lick:

Salt Lick Barbecue in Austin

Meat lover’s paradise!

On the last evening, my colleague Tony and I went to downtown Austin. 
There’s a bridge that has an exciting story. Thousands of bats live “under the bridge,” and when the sun is gone, they wake up and leave their home to find food.

It turned into a tourist attraction, and there were loads of people. You choose to watch it from on top of the bridge or from the ground.
The view is better, but there’s the risk of bat droppings!

Unfortunately, my phone camera wasn’t good enough to spot all the bats but let me tell you; it was a spectacular event.

One more thing.

My return flight ended in Dublin, where I took a bus to Cork. 
But right after arrival in Dublin, I felt “home.”
You have to love the Irish !

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