Cisco Live EMEA 2019 in Barcelona

I was here just two months ago, and as expected: Each time you’re in Barcelona, you discover something new.

The city is so full of details; it’s delightful!

Monument in Barcelona

Cisco Live EMEA 2019 in Barcelona

The usual check how the booth looks like before the storm starts:

Cisco Live EMEA 2019 in Barcelona

Dinner was an exciting adventure.
Last year we were to a posh place where I ate a tuna steak, and I wanted to have the experience again.
I convinced the whole crew to join me, discovering that the place was packed and no seats were available.

We walked a bit through the city center, looking for another option until our hunger took control of our minds.

We went into the next place selling food that wasn’t so crowded and found something that looked like a terrible fast food place, with just a few locals inside.
It turned out it was the best food we had all week.

The following picture was their special dish of the day.
Pasta filled with potatoes and aubergines in a tomato-pepper-cream sauce and a sufficient amount of Parmesan on top:

On the following morning, we were a little late and unsure how to get to the venue as quickly as possible:

I found the tastiest USB stick ever:

And the customer appreciation party was as great as ever.
Anyway, until the moment when the “The Darkness” dude came on stage and started to sing. My ears are still hurting.

See you next time, Barcelona!

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