Another trip to Austin

It’s been almost two months since my last trip, it feels like ages!
2019 starts with a trip to Texas. That’s right, another trip to Austin.
The start was a great one already, as BA upgraded me to Business Class:

British Airways seat in business class

Business class includes much better food and wine options, too:

I learned from my experience, or, better: my first trip to the USA, so I planned this one in a much better way.

I didn’t arrive late Sunday, starting to work the next day (a bad idea); instead, I arrived on Friday evening, giving me enough time to adapt to the time zone.

Now I also noticed things I was too stressed out to perceive at all:

Huge iconic guitar at Austin airport

The view from the back of our corporate apartments:

On Saturday, I went to the Outlet mall in Roundrock and bought some groceries in a local shop for the week.

On Sunday morning, I went downtown Austin:

Congress Avenue in Austin

I felt much better compared to my first visit and was able to pay attention to some details:

Well, considering I took many pictures, I must have looked very suspicious:

On Sunday afternoon, I went into The Oasis on Lake Travis.

I didn’t eat anything, as I just wanted to enjoy the views:

And while I did my “a burger in each new city” thing the last time, I had another one.  Maybe even more than one:

But my colleagues told me about this brisket thing I had successfully ignored until now. 
So I grabbed some while waiting for my flight at the airport from a shop called Salt Lick, and it was delicious:

They have an authentic restaurant somewhere around. 

Well, that’s for the next time visiting Austin, I suppose!
From here, I went straight to Barcelona.

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