Bonn and Berlin in Germany

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Bonn, even though I was born an hour from here and used to work in the neighboring city, Cologne, for a few years.
Before the German unification, Bonn was the capital; now, it’s Berlin, but many government agencies and departments are still located here.

Bonn and Berlin in Germany

Bonn in Germany

Our event took place in a building called La Redoute, a place full of history:

We left because we were a little late for Mozart’s live play. Instead of returning to Cork, my colleague Fiona and I decided to visit Berlin and say hi in our new office.

Oh, and other things:

It was too early for the traditional Christmas markets, but the Winterwelt opens in early November, and we had our fix of Glühwein. Maybe two.

On our way back to the hotel we found a lost sofa:

And discovered that Berlin has nice little things everywhere even when it’s already dark:

I’m assuming that now, with our office here, I’ll be in Berlin more often and looking forward to it!

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