London and Frankfurt: SolarWinds User Groups

London City

A few days after returning from Dubai, I made it to London. I like the city.
I’ve been here frequently, and in 2016, I almost relocated. But then Brexit happened, and I changed my mind, as this won’t end well.

London and Frankfurt: SolarWinds User Groups

Anyway, here we are.
Problems with parking your car? 
There are creative solutions:

And playing kids are alright, as long as they don’t play with a ball:

“A burger in each city,” check:

But let’s not forget why we’re here!

Here’s my colleague but I’m next on the stage, talking about customizing the Orion Platform:

And for dinner, I ate Sushi – another first time for me!

Frankfurt, Germany

Well, the next day, we flew to Frankfurt, Germany, where the food was a little less elegant but still tasty:

I’ve been here once or twice, ages ago, but didn’t realize that the city has some nice corners, too:

I took a flight early the following day, as another trip was coming.

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