IT-SA in Nuremberg Germany

I don’t know if I’ve been to Nuremberg before, but it’s a first for us as SolarWinds.
Each year, Germany’s most significant security-focused IT trade show is growing larger and larger and has become even an international thing.

But first let me share some pics of the city, as it’s a beautiful one:

IT-SA in Nuremberg Germany

Our primary reason for showing up was the announcement that SolarWinds had acquired Protected Networks, a German company from Berlin.

They created a solution called 8MAN, which is now called Access Rights Manager (ARM) and deals with access rights and permissions within an AD environment and beyond.

But, you know what, I found this here also very interesting:

Flexible network cables! Defying physics!

I might have mentioned already that my favorite German dish is Sauerbraten, and here’s the local version. They’re using a gingerbread sauce to work against the sour meat, and it’s excellent!

On the last day, I had to leave early, as I had to take an aircraft elsewhere.

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