Bavaria Germany

Bavaria Germany

Just a few days after Barcelona, I met with a colleague from the SolarWinds sales team and toured through Bavaria to meet with three distribution partners.

Bavaria Germany

We arrived in Munich, where we stayed for two days until we moved a bit north to Regensburg.

Regensburg is a beautiful city. I’ve been here already in 2014 or so; hence I didn’t take that many pictures this time:

Bavaria is all about the sausage. Nothing wrong with that.

A day later, we traveled to a city called Cham, close to the border of the Check Republic.

Scenic views:

One thing I noticed was very similar to the upmost Northern parts of Germany; there are many small villages with nothing between them. The result is that drivers are going crazy on the roads, as there isn’t much traffic, and policy is nowhere to see. Same here, but we survived!

Now, there’s a proper Schnitzel:

And, silly me, for the first time, I tried Kaiserschmarrn. What a delicious experience!

The hotel was a bit suspicious.
We stumbled about the paintings on the walls:

And just a few more meters was a door with a sign “Textile free zone” – oh my, we ended up in a nudist hotel without knowing!
Ah, those Bavarians 

But we managed without accidents, or better: incidents, to return to Munich, and from there, back home a day later.

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