VMworld 2018 in Barcelona Spain

A month after my return from Austin I traveled to Barcelona.
This place looks familiar!

Hotel Entrance in Barcelona

I went to the same hotel again, and they did remember me and delivered a present to my room in the evening:

But, more importantly, I discovered a new dish that is now on my “eat whenever you’re there” list; Patatas Bravas:

It’s fried potato cubes or slices with a spicy sauce and a little garlic. It was almost too much for me, but with the sauce, I could tolerate it. 

VMworld 2018 in Barcelona Spain

I also checked the condition of the booth; yeah, not ready yet:

But on the following day, everything was shiny. Look at the Trend Micro guys, such an exciting stand:

And an excavator sim:

One or two pastries were left:

And she’s got a point:

In the evening, as the show had finished, we went to a market hall that turned into a place with various restaurants under the same roof.

It looked nice:

Not a wrong city at all, Barcelona. I’m sure there’s still enough to discover for a few more visits.

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