Geneva Switzerland

Geneva Switzerland

Geneva Switzerland

I went on a short trip to Geneva to meet some business partners. It’s been two months since my last trip!

I arrived on a Sunday, and the city looked impressive; the weather was gorgeous.
But where are all the people?

You would imagine that Geneva is full of tourists, particularly on such a lovely day.

Right, I arrived on the day of the world cup final, France vs. Croatia.

As it didn’t bother me who would win, I just walked around and didn’t follow the match.
I managed to find a restaurant without too many people, and yes, this is the traditional dish from Zürich and not Geneva, but who cares!

Anyway, it’s a lovely city for a short trip. But it lacks all the exciting details you see in cities like Edinburgh, Barcelona, etc., hence a weekend is probably enough, and there’s no reason to return.

Oh; and it was expensive!

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