Leipzig Wave Gotik Treffen

Leipzig Wave Gotik Treffen

Each year since the 90s, there’s a dark party in Leipzig called Wave-Gotik-Treffen, and global goths meet to turn the city into a black place.
It’s funny; even in the bakeries, they used food coloring to sell black bread rolls and sweet stuff!

In Munich, I united with my little vampire, and we drove to Leipzig together:

I haven’t been to Leipzig before and, to be honest, had zero expectations. But it turned out that the city does have some nice corners, and there’s a lot to see.

But we came for the music!

One Swedish gig in the ruins of an old church:

More Swedes, but inside:

The problem with a festival as massive as the WGT is that many bands are playing simultaneously in various locations, and we had a worst-case scenario right after the last gig above.
I would have preferred to see Vomito Negro from Belgium, but Veronica wanted to see The KVB, so I was willing to do her a favor, and we intended to see KVB.

But fate had different plans.

While watching Then Comes Silence (above), we met a woman from California and started talking a bit, and she asked us how we traveled within the city.
We had a car, and she asked if we could drop her elsewhere as her next gig would start soon.

We were like, “sure, why not? Who would you like to see?” and the response was, “Vomito Negro, of course, I know them personally.” YAY!

So, in the end, we went to see them, and it was the best gig of the whole festival, and I’m a big fan since:

It was pretty crowded, and it felt like some higher force was in the air, making everyone dance. Great experience!

But we had a happy end!
When Vomito Negro finished their gig, we saw the last two songs of The KVB in a different location.

Oh, and, because everyone wore black, I decided to be a bit different:

All eyes on me!

What a great event.

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