Munich and Stuttgart Germany

Munich and Stuttgart Germany

Two weeks after returning from Manchester, I went on another short trip to Germany to meet with business partners in Munich and Stuttgart.

Our first stop was Munich, and the event took place close to the Olympic park. Lovely views and exciting food choices:

So we had a quick Schnitzel before leaving Munich again:

But in Stuttgart, I had an unreal experience.

A huge agriculture-focused trade show took place in the city and was so popular that all the hotel chains I would usually book were unavailable.

So I took another random hotel, approximately one kilometer from the TV tower where our event took place.

Upon arrival, the reception guy walked downstairs with me and showed me this place:

I said, “Oh, this looks nice, but where’s my room?” and he said, “This is your room.”

I could not believe it!
I had my own swimming pool inside my room, just for me and me alone!

And a sauna:

One of these bubble bath things:

And I experienced something interesting.

Because of the pool in the room, the humidity was extreme. No surprise. I could barely sleep.
Notice to self: After winning the jackpot, ensure the pool is in a room other than the bedroom.

The following day I walked to the TV tower:

I made another discovery; I became sea-sick.

The tower moved a bit; two other guests also noticed it, and I didn’t feel well. When walking, I tried to place my hand on the inside wall, and as soon as I finished my presentation, I said, “Sorry folks, I can’t deal with this. Please find me downstairs for further questions.”

Back downstairs, I mentioned the “it feels like moving” thing, and the host told me it would break if it didn’t move.

Well, okay, now I understand. Still, I’m not sure if I need that experience again!

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