Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland

The next day after returning from Paris, I went to Edinburgh. But this time not for business!

Unfortunately, I was still a little tired from the trip before. Also, the weather was abysmal.
Loads of wind, rain, and later even snow!

All this put me in a bad mood, and I couldn’t enjoy the city, which was a bit of a pity.

Even though we started nicely by visiting the local cat cafe:

It got awful while we made our way up to Edinburgh castle:

As long as we were inside, it was okay:

But once outside, it was freezing. So, what to do: Ah, yes, there’s always alcohol!

We went to a few good restaurants, but you must try Scottish breakfast in Scotland. With Haggis!

I’m sorry, but I prefer the Irish breakfast with black pudding. But at least I tried.

So, I found one lovely shop:

And a couple more views, but after three days, I had enough.
I should probably return to give the city another chance, but Veronica loved it.

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