Disneyland Paris

Mini Eiffel tower in a shop

It’s been a while since my last trip—the usual winter break. So, I looked forward to being on the road again and traveling to Paris.

Oh, Paris!
I used to live here, in a small village attached to the south-west called Le Chesnay, between 2005-2007.

While living there, I didn’t manage to visit Disneyland, so I felt very fortunate as a business trip came up that would take place at this exact location!

Disneyland Paris

As usual, I arrived a day earlier, and our booth wasn’t ready. 
Nothing was ready:

So, what to do? Ha, I know a place not too far away:

But the following day, the event started, and our booth was ready.

Here you see me explaining things while my colleague Yasmeen translates my story into French. She’s a good interpreter, and much more than that!

But the real action started in the evening.
They closed down Disneyland for the public, and the exhibitors and attendees of the show were the only visitors.

I’m sure you’ve been to Disneyland or similar places, and you know there are queues in front of each attraction. 

So here, you can start crying now:

We went to the Aerosmith rollercoaster.
In the back, they made it look as if the guys were in the studio, and it seemed pretty realistic:

I’m getting too old for these things! The rollercoaster itself was a borderline experience for me.
I was glad when it finished.

We went to a few more attractions, but at some point, the lack of sleep kicked in, and we left.

Then I saw this:

I was a little upset. Rebel scum!! Where’s the Empire when you need them?
Oh, I just had to turn around:

I considered hijacking it and flying away, but the controls might be in French on second thought. 
That would have ended badly!

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