Essen Germany

Just a day after I returned from Galway, I traveled to Essen. Yes, Essen is a city, but at the same time the word for eating or even food in general.
I came from that region and was born in a city close by called Recklinghausen.

I went here for a business event, but it was a home game.

And while I’ve been here countless times in the first 29 years of my life, I never managed to see something very particular.

They have a UNESCO world heritage site in the city, a former coal mine.

Our event took place there, so it was a great opportunity.

Essen Germany

Essen Germany

It’s called “Zeche Zollverein” and is a vast area now partly a business park, event venue, and museum.

Pretty much opposed to most museums in the world, the entrance is at the top, and there’s a beast of an escalator:

Once inside, you get to see different industrial coal mining technologies and how they advanced during the past two centuries.

Most of the stuff is around 130 years old.

Great views from the top of the building:

Not so much from the other side; bad weather is incoming:

And then, in the far distance, I discover the stadium of the football team I used to support, back in the days when I was still following the sport:

The way back down looked terrific. I want something similar for home! A pity that I don’t have a staircase just for myself.

And at the exit, “Saint Barbara,” the patron of the coal miners:

Nice trip. If you end up in Essen for whatever reason, this might be worth spending 2-3 hours. But don’t go there if this would be your only plan!

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