Galway and Aran Islands Ireland

A few days after Istanbul, we went on a trip to the western part of Ireland.

We went up to Galway as Veronica hasn’t been there before, and I had the chance to meet a friend who moved up a few years ago.

We also took a boat to visit Inishmore on the Aran Islands, quite a nice place.

A couple of pictures are incoming!

Galway and Aran Islands Ireland

Oh no! Not the fairies!

Onwards to Aran Islands:

I made a new friend:.

On our way back to Cork the next day, we discovered a weird tower next to the road in the middle of nowhere (it’s Ireland, after all).
We stopped; this is what it looked like from the inside:

While returning to my car, I noticed that a bird was trying to eat the mirror of my Giulietta!

I told him that Italian cars != Italian food.

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