Liverpool UK

Liverpool UK

I went to Liverpool for a conference – CyberUK 2017 – with little expectations as I’ve been in the neighborhood before (Manchester) and didn’t like it.

Liverpool UK

But Liverpool has a bit of a different flair and looks far nicer, at least from my point of view.

I feel this urge to try a burger each time I visit a new city if I have a chance. Success:

Look what I found on the ceiling; sorry for the poor quality:

The business event was boring, so the only pic I took was the band playing on a stage in a corner. It was a great idea to show the tweets in the background, btw!

Before leaving, I walked up to the Liverpool cathedral.

I’m glad I made the trip, as it’s stunning.

And, of course, you can’t leave Liverpool without going here, where their story began:

Lovely city, worth a short trip!

But my next trip leads to a completely different city!

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