Stockholm Sweden

In October 2016, one month after Berlin, Veronica and I went to Sweden to visit Stockholm and, of course, one of Veronica’s buddies all over Europe.

I’ve never been to Stockholm – or any other city in Sweden, for that matter – so I was curious and looking forward to the trip.

Stockholm Sweden

Some views look very familiar to Cork, to be honest:

But overall, the scenery is a bit, well, better:

Stockholm Sweden

A couple of unique things in smaller shops:

But the main tourist attraction is by far the Vasa Museum.

Looking at the entire restored ship is just half of the fun; you need to learn about the history.
It took them two years to build it in 1628, and it was Sweden’s most prominent and dangerous warship and probably beyond.
On their maiden voyage, they managed to sail a bit over a kilometer, and then it sank.
Construction mistakes!

What puzzles me is that I didn’t take a single picture of the food.
While we were in the taxi from the airport after arrival, I was texting a former work colleague who’s originally from Stockholm and asked for suggestions.I don’t remember the names of the places, but we went into a confectionery, and I can attest that cakes and pastries are class.
I also had the most traditional dish, Köttbullar, in one of those small alleys. Thanks for the great suggestion, Patrick, as the food was delicious!

The only problem was that they are currently building an underground train station in front of the old city center. There’s a big hole, and traffic is a nightmare.
But I guess the city administration will sort that out in a year or so, and I’m happy to return to the city.

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